​Actor, Voiceovers, On-Air Personality & Host

Jo Mercer 

 Every year, Mary Moonshine invites guests (including the  audience) to  celebrate the anniversary of her Uncle Stinky who fell  comatose after  taste-testing his new moonshine recipe. The  family hopes Stinky will  finally awaken, so they may safely launch  their new moonshine,  Stinky’s Revenge. Despite the conviviality of the gathering, an  argument ensues, with fatal consequences... Billy Clyde Moonshine,  P.I., vows to solve the murder.

 London, around 1900. A Hotel Inspector is due to inspect  Downtown Crabbey, a hotel designed for young American  

 travellers to feel at home in London. In the dining room, his  arrival is causing something of a panic. Whilst Countess  Roberta and her nephew are worried about the inspection,  the cook and maid have something far more important on  their minds: a fork has gone missing.